How can I obtain company information?

Available information about California Resources Corporation can be found on the following pages:

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Can I buy stock directly from the company?

CRC stock cannot be purchased directly from the company at this time. To purchase stock, please contact a brokerage firm.

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What is a transfer agent? Who is the transfer agent for CRC?

A transfer agent is a professional agency employed by a corporation to handle transfers of stock, conversion of securities, mailings to stockholders, payments of dividends, stock subscriptions and maintaining the stock record books of the corporation. American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, LLC, is the transfer agent for CRC.

American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, LLC
Shareholder Services
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
Tel: (866) 659-2647 (U.S. toll free)
Tel: (718) 921-8124 (from outside the U.S.)
TTY: (866) 703-9077 (U.S. toll free)
TTY: (718) 921-8386 (from outside the U.S.)
Website: www.amstock.com(Opens in new window)
Email: crc@amstock.com

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How can I find out about my CRC stock and can I access information online?

To find out more about your holdings, please contact either your broker or our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, LLC, at:

(866) 659-2647 (U.S. toll free)
(718) 921-8124 (from outside the U.S.)
TTY: (866) 703-9077 (U.S. toll free)
TTY: (718) 921-8386 (from outside the U.S.)

If you are a registered stockholder (i.e. you hold your shares in your name, not through a broker), you can access your account with American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, LLC, by clicking here (please have your 10-digit account number available). Non-U.S. stockholders or stockholders without a U.S. issued Taxpayer Identification Number, will need to request a PIN number to be mailed to the address on file with American Stock Transfer in order to gain access to their account.

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How can I get more information about the performance of CRC’s stock?

To get more information about CRC stock performance, refer to the stock information section.

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Does CRC pay a dividend?

CRC does not currently pay a dividend. The payment of future cash dividends, if any, will be at the discretion of our Board of Directors and will depend upon, among other things, our financial condition, results of operations, capital requirements and development expenditures, future business prospects and any restrictions imposed by future debt instruments.

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What do "record date" and "ex-dividend" mean with respect to the dividend?

The record date is the date by which a stockholder must officially own shares in order to be entitled to receive the next dividend. Dividends are paid to stockholders of record as of a specified date. After the record date, the stock is said to be ex-dividend. Ex-dividend is the interval between the announcement and the payment of a dividend. An investor who buys shares during that interval is not entitled to the dividend.

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Additional information on CRC Stock held between the time period of December, 2014 to October 27, 2020 (CUSIP 13057Q206)

California Resources Reverse Stock Split

Effective May 31, 2016, California Resources Corporation (CRC) completed a reverse stock split. Every 10 shares issued and outstanding were automatically combined into one share of common stock. Trading on a post-split basis commences on June 1, 2016. Stockholders who hold their stock directly with our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer, and would otherwise receive fractional shares as a result of the reverse stock split will receive cash instead of such fractional share interests.

Our Compensation Committee approved proportionate adjustments to the number of shares, exercise price, grant price or purchase price relating to any award under our Long-Term Incentive Plan for CRC, using the same reverse split ratio.

More information on tax treatment of the Reverse Stock Split and IRS Form 8937 may be found below.

2016 IRS Form 8937 for Reverse Stock Split

California Resources Spin-Off

Effective November 30, 2014, Occidental Petroleum (OXY) completed a spin-off of the stock of California Resources Corporation (CRC), into an independent, publicly traded corporation. The spin-off was effectuated by way of a pro rata distribution of just over 80 percent of CRC’s outstanding common stock to holders of OXY common stock as of the November 17, 2014 record date. Each OXY stockholder received 0.4 shares of CRC common stock for each share of OXY common stock held by such stockholder on the record date. More information on the spin the 2014 cost basis calculation and IRS form 8937 may be found below.

The final share distribution in the spin-off of California Resources from our former-parent occurred on March 24, 2016 when Occidental Petroleum (OXY) distributed 71,500,000 shares to OXY stockholders of record as of February 29, 2016. Occidental estimated that stockholders would receive 0.094 shares of CRC for each share of OXY held on the record date. More information on the spin and special dividend fact sheet and tax basis may be found below.

OXY Information 2016 Statement Special Dividend

2016 Guidelines for Cost Basis

2014 Guidelines for Cost Basis

2016 IRS Form 8937

2014 IRS Form 8937

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American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, LLC

Shareholder Services

6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
(866) 659-2647

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California Resources Corporation

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